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Insights, Revealed

Unify data from fund commitments, secondaries, co-investments, directs, and more to turn scattered PDFs, Excel files, databases and other sources into a complete view of private capital information across buyout, venture, growth, real estate, infrastructure, natural resources, credit, and every other sub-asset class

Solutions for Limited Partners

Bring radical transparency to your private capital exposures at all levels, from underlying portfolio companies & assets to funds, vehicles, commitments, total portfolio and more

Unprecedented Breadth + Depth

Capture all available information about your private capital portfolio to put your returns in context

Complete Private Capital Analytics

A single, intuitive interface provides access to all underlying fund and portfolio company data, cash flows, capital account balances, fees, carried interest, fund terms, valuation metrics, leverage measures, partnership financials, and every other data point about your portfolio.

Measure performance in real-time with post-account adjustments, mark-to-market benchmarking, scenario analyses, asset modeling, cashflow forecasting, and more.

Spend time on what matters – meeting managers, interpreting analyses, and developing a thoughtful view.

Singular Detail

Chronograph provides unrivaled insights on underlying portfolio company and asset performance. No clunky templates, no self-reported data, no burdens on GPs, no new work.

Interactive ‘cloud-grids’ allow investment professionals to quickly manipulate and validate financial data in a familiar and collaborative environment, and easily import and export and data to-and-from Excel.

Explore financial and valuation metrics over time, incorporate budgets and projected values, synthesize in-house models and manager reports, and capture the complete detail of your underlying exposures.

Uncompromising Accuracy

Reconcile various information streams to provide a single source of truth, rigorously validated for accuracy & completeness

Document Tagging & Auditing

Eliminate errors and uncertainty with Chronograph's ‘click-to-tag’ and ‘click-to-audit’ functionality.

Simply click on a number to reveal its source document and original context. Likewise, avoid copy & paste errors by capturing and tagging numbers with a single click.

Free your team from repetitive data entry and guarantee absolute precision with Chronograph’s robust data capture technology. No more digging through folders for lost files or wondering where a figure came from.

Streamlined Operations

Spend time analyzing information, not managing it

Simplified Reporting

Take the hassle out of internal and external reporting with Chronograph’s extensive toolset

Chronograph integrates with your existing systems to provide investment, reporting, and financial professionals a consolidated interface for interacting with, protecting, and making use of your data.

Create team-sharable design templates and raise brand standards with consistent color themes, beautiful charts, and custom tables to communicate your message to stakeholders clearly.

Data Mining for Investment Professionals

Accessing databases shouldn’t require a specialized skill set

Extract information and build bespoke reports in seconds with Chronograph’s flexible query builders. Pivot, filter, refresh, select custom currencies & date ranges, and save as reusable templates.

‘Custom View’ table builders allow professionals to compare any data over time and export to Excel instantly.

Effortless Data Management

Painless at onboarding, and every quarter thereafter

Chronograph is designed to require as few internal resources as possible. No operational or reporting changes, no software integrations, and no burden on your GP relationships.

Our team will work with you to provide a process that best suits your needs: let Chronograph’s trained financial analysts handle the complexities of capturing performance data, or manage all, or part, of the process yourself.

Client handles all data capture, updates, and management
Chronograph handles all data capture, updates, and management

Engineered for Integration

The days of walled gardens are over – easily integrate existing architecture and workflows

Microsoft Compatible

Power models and reports with our Microsoft Office toolset

Upgrade existing models with the robust Chronograph xConnect Excel plug-in.

Refresh Word and PowerPoint presentations automatically with ‘AutoFill’.

Export charts and underlying data for any graph, table, or other representation from the platform with a single click.

Open & Connected

Chronograph serves as a private capital ‘macro service’ with interconnectivity at its core

From modern standards to industry-leading middleware architecture, the Chronograph API is designed for developer ease-of-use and interoperability.

  • Third-Party API

    Access data at scale with our OpenAPI and GraphQL architecture. Chronograph makes it easy to get data out.

  • Robust Middleware

    Connect your existing systems and vendors with seamless middleware. Integrate accounting solutions, custodian feeds and more.

  • Self-Service Documentation

    Developers can request a key and start building immediately with helpful tools like a dynamic schema knowledgebase that's always up to date.

Security, Compliance, and Confidentiality Assured

Rest easily knowing that your sensitive data is protected by industry-leading security standards

Our policies are client-centric and make it simple: we will never share your private information. We are not a public database, benchmark provider, or consultant.

Chronograph’s vendors and operations are SOC I/II and ISO27001 compliant, and we place client security and confidentiality at the heart of everything we do.

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