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Chronograph for General Partners provides market leading reporting, valuation, and analytics tools for venture capital investors

Chronograph GP for Venture Capital

Chronograph GP automates portfolio company data collection, analytics, valuations, reporting, and information warehousing for venture capital investors

Streamline Data
Streamline data management across fund metrics and company KPIs with full auditability.

Customize Collection
Chronograph’s cloud-based solution makes it easy for you and your portfolio companies to dynamically configure, collect, report, and make use of data without templates.

Validate Quality
Interact with data in context, with features like real-time validations, variance checking, and full audit histories that ensure data quality.

Transform Productivity
Transform productivity by bringing together investment teams, fund finance, investor relations and portfolio management workflows into a single source-of-truth.

Standardize Processes
Standardize and automate portfolio company reporting requirements, replacing inefficient Excel and email-based management across investments.

Automate Reporting
Automate and centralize valuations and LP reporting by integrating Chronograph’s robust Microsoft Office toolset and API capabilities.

Leading Funds Choose Chronograph

Realize efficiencies regardless of size or strategy

Automate data collection from portfolio companies and standardize how teams across your firm view and access data. Eliminate the need to ask for critical information through email, dig through shared drives for lost files, or figure out the source of a key number – all current and historical investment data is auditable and at your fingertips.

Whether it’s for valuations, quarterly reporting, M&A analysis, or simply responding to ad hoc information requests, having all your fund and portfolio company data accessible in a single source of truth eliminates endless file hunting, data entry, and re-checking.

Chronograph’s integrations with the Microsoft Office suite provide a powerful way to dynamically incorporate all your fund and portfolio company data directly into your existing deliverables. From simply clicking “Roll forward” to update quarterly reports, to refreshing a massive buyout model with the latest financials, Chronograph helps simplify and enhance existing processes.

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“Chronograph’s flexible data collection and reporting technology has enabled us to harmonize KPIs and deepen insights across our portfolio. Our investment, value creation, and finance teams can all easily collaborate with consistent and trusted data.”

“Chronograph’s technology has allowed us to capture and structure more than seven million data points from our portfolio, and we feel the LP solution is unique in its ability to capture such a rich and complete data set.”

“Since entering the market, Chronograph has changed the way private equity firms and their investors interact with their data, offering elegant and innovative software designed to enable robust, timely, and transparent reporting and analysis.”

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Chronograph was founded to bring next-generation technology to private capital markets. Our technology and client service processes reflect world-class standards