AI Enablement
for Private Equity

Generative AI is poised to transform the anatomy of private equity operations with opportunities to accelerate value realization and time to decision. Chronograph’s AI capabilities and data management technology help investors maximize the strategic value of their data and stand out among peers.


Data Infrastructure to Fuel the AI Revolution

The rise of Generative AI brings significant upside potential to private equity investors. Chronograph’s cloud-based data management and analytics solutions help sophisticated Limited Partners and General Partners harness powerful and intuitive AI applications using their portfolio data.

AI Solutions Purpose-Built for Private Equity

Chrono AI assists investors in analyzing private equity portfolio monitoring data in the cloud. Additionally, Chronograph’s Snowbank data warehousing solution empowers investors to harness AI opportunities in the Snowflake data cloud.

Chrono AI

Harness AI capabilities across your entire portfolio

Synthesize and summarize large data sets on demand to quickly gain key insights on fund and company performance, market and industry updates, transaction activities, outlooks for investments, news on management teams, and ESG reporting.

Building on Chronograph’s existing dynamic document tools and data management infrastructure, Chrono AI allows LP clients to interface with the millions of documents they keep on Chronograph, spanning quarterly reports, capital accounts statements, partnership financials, capital calls and distributions, legal notices, formation documents, LPAs, and AGM materials.

Chronograph Snowbank

Leverage AI/ML through Snowflake

Using Chronograph’s Snowbank data warehousing solution, deploy AI applications in minutes – all within the Snowflake Data Cloud and all with no prior AI expertise or integrations needed.

Snowsight: Utilize pre-built interfaces or your own SQL/Python queries to access insights. Benefit from a scalable infrastructure and AI primitives for rapid development.

Snowflake Cortex: Develop AI applications swiftly with a managed service that supports top-tier language models and vector functions.

Snowpark ML: Streamline the creation, training, and deployment of machine learning models in Python, directly in your data environment without data movement.

“Chrono AI is powered by 8 years of innovative private markets technology research and tested on an expansive universe of data, making use of the incredible LLM technologies that are transforming the world. We’re excited to continue to build on this capability as a core competency moving ahead.”

“Without digitally organized, properly structured information, private equity investors lack the necessary foundation to capitalize on many AI use cases. Private equity investors who are proactively enhancing their data management infrastructure by partnering with technology innovators are best set up to benefit from the burgeoning opportunities generative AI offers. “

Advance your AI capabilities

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Chronograph serves a majority of the largest GPs and LPs and features a well-diversified global client base of leading institutions


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Through our suite of cloud-based analytics and data management solutions, we help sophisticated Limited Partners and General Partners understand and manage their investments in unprecedented detail.

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