Data Warehousing
for Private Equity

Data warehousing enables private equity investors to unlock the strategic value of their data, reinvent their analytics and business intelligence, and activate advanced AI and ML workloads.

Analytics unlocked, AI ready

As private markets continue to grow, data-led value creation becomes imperative. A well-architected data warehousing solution helps investors unify complex datasets from disparate sources, gain new insights from advanced analytics, and capitalize on the rapid evolution of AI and ML applications.

Data Warehousing Powered by Chronograph

Chronograph’s data warehouse solution (“Snowbank”) automatically replicates data into the Snowflake Data Cloud with turnkey installation and near-zero maintenance, empowering investors to modernize their analytics and adopt AI at scale.

“We started Chronograph to provide our clients with next-generation private markets technology. There is strong and growing demand from investors to interact with complex data from many sources, and Chronograph’s Snowflake Connectivity-as-a-Service offering helps our clients realize solutions to these data challenges with speed and efficiency.”

“Having worked with Chronograph and incumbent solutions at prior firms, I’ve seen firsthand how Chronograph drives value for stakeholders. It was critical for us to implement Chronograph as early as possible. The platform has been an integral part of our technology stack since day one and continues to support key data management processes within Knox Lane.”

“Chronograph’s flexible data collection and reporting technology has enabled us to harmonize KPIs and deepen insights across our portfolio. Our investment, value creation, and finance teams can all easily collaborate with consistent and trusted data.”

Advance your analytics and AI capabilities