for General Partners

Automate data collection, streamline ongoing reporting, and respond to information requests with ease. Make use of advanced data management and analytics tools purpose-built for private equity, private credit, venture, and real asset investors.

Efficiencies, Realized

Chronograph GP automates portfolio company data collection, analytics, valuation, reporting, and information warehousing for investors.

Unprecedented Flexibility + Dynamism

Configure the collection and management of your portfolio company data to suit your needs and objectives.


Streamlined Data Management

Chase deals, not missing docs

Chronograph makes it easy to dynamically configure, collect, and make use of data from portfolio companies and other constituents with no local installations or rigid templates.

Regardless of investment strategy, ownership level, industry, asset class, reporting period, or company maturity, managing any quantitative or qualitative performance metric is as simple as flipping a switch.

Automatically send reminders to portfolio companies as due dates approach, preserve an audit history of all changes, and move beyond spreadsheets for storage of critical data and efficient collaboration.

Whether tracking performance of a complex buyout transaction with multiple EBITDA measures, monitoring covenant compliance for credit investments across multiple debt tranches, or profiling Daily Active User trends for an early-stage venture investment, Chronograph allows teams to make use of data across any combination of reporting period, metric, stage, date, or currency that reflects the sophisticated nature of modern private capital.

Across the Chronograph platform, users interact with data in context, with features like real-time validations, variance checking, full audit histories, and other helpful feedback indicators that ensure data quality and integrity.

Mac overlay

Reporting & Investor Relations

Intuitive, error-free

Respond to Limited Partner and other data requests at speed: quickly build a custom query or use Chronograph’s robust Excel toolset to pre-populate existing templates.

Chronograph’s intuitive interfaces allow investor relations, finance, compliance, and other professionals to access information across functional areas without having to chase down colleagues or dig important data out of emails.

Ensure consistency, ease-of-updating, and a single source of truth both now and in the future.

Automatically refresh reports within existing Microsoft Word and Excel deliverables with the click of a button. There’s no need to change familiar formats or brand standards.

Avoid copy and paste or transcription errors by dynamically linking information to the database. As information changes, reports are automatically updated in real time.

Maintain version histories and an audit trail of all information disclosures to ensure there is never ambiguity in your constituent communications.

Powerful Analytics

Insights, Revealed

Put returns in context with portfolio analytics, dashboards, interactive charts, and more.

Benefit from robust analytics developed exclusively for private capital investors of scale. Understand how modern limited partners assess and analyze your portfolio and fund.

Stay on top of current fund performance when on the go: Chronograph extends powerful cloud-based analytics from your desktop to mobile devices.

Automated Valuations

Accuracy, speed, certainty

Realize a single source of truth for all your existing processes. Conduct valuations and generate final marks with consistency.

Simplify and automate the process of monthly and quarterly valuations to ensure consistency and timely delivery with valuation tools that ensure compliance with global audit standards.

Underlying models are streamed alongside the data to ensure easy access for auditors or other constituents.

From a single source of truth for all input data to a definitive record of back-up information for third-parties, Chronograph allows you to focus on the assumptions, not the process.

Power models and reports with our Microsoft Office toolset.

Upgrade existing models with the robust Chronograph xConnect Excel plug-in to allow for bi-directional refreshing and updating.

Export fully formatted reports to Word, and easily roll-forward next quarter with the latest information using Chronograph’s Report Builder module.

Export charts and underlying data for any graph, table, or other representation from the platform with a single click.


Now with Data

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are now major considerations for private capital investors. However, many investors feel at a loss how to aggregate and monitor ESG information in their funds and portfolio companies.

Chronograph offers a high integrity, centralized data collection system that empowers private capital investors to properly collect, manage, and report ESG standards.

Access meaningful, performance-based, and comparable ESG data from across your portfolio from a single interface.

“Chronograph’s flexible data collection and reporting technology has enabled us to harmonize KPIs and deepen insights across our portfolio. Our investment, value creation, and finance teams can all easily collaborate with consistent and trusted data.”

“Chronograph acts as a critical hub for our data collection, valuation, and reporting processes. We are constantly collaborating with the Chronograph team to discover new capabilities and expand our use case.”

“Using Chronograph’s reporting capabilities has increased efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in our quarterly reporting to our LPs. Being able to automatically pull in portfolio company data to our quarterly letters and easily manage drafts has drastically improved the review process and collaboration between partners, associates, and the finance team.”

“Having worked with Chronograph and incumbent solutions at prior firms, I’ve seen firsthand how Chronograph drives value for stakeholders. It was critical for us to implement Chronograph as early as possible. The platform has been an integral part of our technology stack since day one and continues to support key data management processes within Knox Lane.”

“Chronograph’s technology has allowed us to capture and structure more than seven million data points from our portfolio, and we feel the LP solution is unique in its ability to capture such a rich and complete data set.”

“Since entering the market, Chronograph has changed the way private equity firms and their investors interact with their data, offering elegant and innovative software designed to enable robust, timely, and transparent reporting and analysis.”

“As secondaries investors, we are investing in hundreds of funds and thousands of companies. This means our data scales up in a very rapid way. We’ve found that unlocking our data and prioritizing its value in our investment cycle has helped us become better investors.”

“We knew we needed to streamline data collection from our portfolio companies to improve operational efficiency. We wanted a tool that allowed for full flexibility in complicated workflow design and delivered a modern user experience. With Chronograph, we can pivot on a dime and collect additional data as needed.”

“Previously, our reports were not stored in the database. Anytime we needed to trace the origin of a specific metric, we had to manually search for the report. The ability to click on any metric in Chronograph and instantly access its location in the corresponding source report has been really powerful.”

API + Connectivity

Engineered for Integration

The days of walled gardens are over – easily integrate existing architecture and data sources upstream and downstream.

Chronograph serves as a private capital ‘macro service’ with interconnectivity at its core.

From modern standards to industry-leading middleware architecture, Chronograph’s APIs are designed for developer ease-of-use and interoperability.

Access data at scale with our GraphQL-based APIs. Chronograph makes it easy to get data out both at runtime and in bulk.

Connect your existing systems and vendors with seamless GUI middleware. Integrate accounting, CRM, and benchmarking solutions to unlock new levels of consolidated analysis.

Approved developers can generate a key and start building immediately with helpful tools like a dynamic schema knowledge-base that’s always up to date.

Snowflake Data Warehousing


Chronograph’s Snowflake Connectivity-as-a-Service offering, Snowbank, significantly simplifies data ELT at scale, making it easy to port all client data into a long-term persistence medium.

Implementation is turnkey via Snowflake’s Secure Data Share features. Achieve real-time data replication with no limitations on extraction or access.

Our integrations unlock new forms of aggregate analyses through the Snowflake plug-in suite. Reduce time-to-production for services built on top of data managed in Chronograph.

Realize automated and compatible migrations and updates to models. Eliminate resource-intensive data warehouse integration management.

Security + Confidentiality

Without Compromise

Rest easy knowing that your sensitive data is protected by industry-leading security standards.

Our policies are client-centric and make it simple: we will never share your private information. We are not a public database, benchmark provider, or consultant.

As a trusted provider to many of the world’s largest private capital investors, Chronograph takes protecting client data, intellectual property, and any personal information extremely seriously – and embraces best practices and leading technology to ensure compliance.

Chronograph’s vendors and operations are SOC I/II and ISO27001 compliant, and we place client security and confidentiality at the heart of everything we do.

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