Case Study:
Peterson Partners + Chronograph

How Chronograph Helps Peterson Partners Efficiently Manage Valuations and Reporting Across Its Rapidly Growing Portfolio.

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Case Study Takeaways
  • As Peterson’s growth reached an inflection point, leadership recognized the need for more sophisticated technology and chose to partner with Chronograph.
  • Since adopting Chronograph, Peterson has created a single source of truth for its portfolio company, investment performance, and fund-level data.
  • By housing finalized and validated valuations, investment metrics, and portfolio company KPIs in Chronograph, Peterson can automatically pull updated data into quarterly reports.
  • Ultimately, Chronograph has enabled Peterson to spend more time collaborating on its most important priorities — making great investments and creating value across its portfolio.

“With Chronograph, we can get through 2-3 valuations in the time it previously took us to get through one, which has helped us significantly reduce the time to flow our quarter-end marks into reporting.”

“In two years, our quarterly reporting workload has scaled 60%. Despite this growth in operational needs, with Chronograph, we can release our reports faster than we could two years ago. The overall quality has improved significantly.”

“Since moving to Chronograph, we have a lot more confidence in the data we are reporting — the enhanced data integrity firmwide has been one of our biggest wins.”

“Using Chronograph’s reporting capabilities has increased efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in our quarterly reporting to our LPs. Being able to automatically pull in portfolio company data to our quarterly letters and easily manage drafts has drastically improved the review process and collaboration between partners, associates, and the finance team.”

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