Case Study:
Montana Capital Partners + Chronograph

How Chronograph Enables Montana Capital Partners’ Data-
Driven Secondaries Program.

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Case Study Takeaways
  • Montana’s exponential growth strained operational and investment resources. As the firm entered a new stage of growth, it recognized the imperative to deploy a best-in-class ‘technology stack’ that would provide unparalleled data management, accessibility, scalability, and security.
  • Prior to Chronograph, Montana’s data collection efforts were manual, onerous, and limited the team to tracking only a narrow set of metrics across the portfolio.
  • Using Chronograph, Montana has relieved its team from cumbersome data collection tasks and gained 100% coverage of all reported metrics with enhanced confidence in data quality.
  • Ultimately, Montana’s adoption of Chronograph has significantly elevated its data-driven investment approach, with the platform’s versatile tools and powerful technology playing a key role in expanding the depth and quality of data analysis across the firm.

“As secondaries investors, we are investing in hundreds of funds and thousands of companies. This means our data scales up in a very rapid way. We’ve found that unlocking our data and prioritizing its value in our investment cycle has helped us become better investors.”

“Previously, our reports were not stored in the database. Anytime we needed to trace the origin of a specific metric, we had to manually search for the report. The ability to click on any metric in Chronograph and instantly access its location in the corresponding source report has been really powerful.”

“The Chronograph API is user-friendly and extremely powerful. We are amazed that with only a few lines of code, we are able to get the full financial history of our portfolio.”

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