Enabling Operational Alpha

How Chronograph and LemonEdge combine to unlock data access to empower teams to drive forward their investment thesis and overall efficiency.

With competition for deals and committed capital at high points, private market investors must look at every opportunity to increase their efficiency and profitability. But with data siloed across functions and housed in fragmented legacy systems, realizing these efficiencies has historically been challenging. 

Next-generation technologies enabling secure data sharing between solutions and intelligent automation have rapidly enabled firms to unlock their data’s latent value and redeploy time more strategically. The firms embracing these technologies are poised to thrive —  today and tomorrow — in the rapidly-evolving private market landscape. 

The New Private Equity Data Paradigm

The days of walled gardens are over. Private equity investors can successfully balance interconnectivity with information security, enabling teams to save time and drive efficiencies. Information historically buried in emails, shared drives, or divergent systems has created rework and bottlenecks. This data is now available at teams’ fingertips — from front office to back.  

Analysis that historically took days and weeks can now occur in milliseconds, seconds, and minutes, enabling better, faster decisions. For LPs, that means additional capacity and deeper analytical capabilities. For GPs, that means more time to spend fundraising, better efficiency in responding to LP data requests, and redeploying time to spend chasing deals instead of documents. 

How the Chronograph and LemonEdge Partnership Drives Impact for Private Equity Investors

In December 2021, Chronograph — provider of the world’s leading portfolio monitoring solutions for private equity — and LemonEdge — a next-generation fund and portfolio accounting solution — partnered to enable clients to streamline front-to-back-office investment operations. 

“Copy and paste isn’t a modern solution to moving data between systems. It’s error-prone, time-consuming, and a waste of resources.” Said Jamie Nascimento, CCO of LemonEdge. 

“With our comprehensive API allowing private equity firms to connect to any other data source, we can quickly centralize what were disparate and disconnected stores of data. Moreover, with LemonEdge’s drag-and-drag workflow automation toolkit, anyone can optimize their processes and reduce the need for manual data entry.”

With Chronograph and LemonEdge, clients can seamlessly reconcile between unrealized values and net asset values held between the systems — regardless of fund structure or complexity — to enable full cycle analysis, reporting, and more.

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“We built Chronograph to serve as a private capital ‘macro service’ with interconnectivity at its core. Our platform’s APIs are designed for developer ease-of-use and interoperability, which is why we’ve had a meeting of minds with LemonEdge” remarked Charlie Tafoya, Chronograph Co-Founder & CEO. “Together, private market investors can streamline data access and implementation throughout every stage of the investment lifecycle.”

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