Brownloop and Chronograph Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Portfolio Monitoring & Data Analysis for Private Equity Firms

Partnership brings together industry leaders to help clients unlock insights from portfolio data

NEW YORK, June 14, 2023: Brownloop, a leading provider of Private Equity AI & data solutions, and Chronograph, provider of the world’s leading portfolio monitoring solutions for private equity, today announced their strategic partnership. 

Through this partnership, clients will have access to a comprehensive suite of tools and services purpose-built for private markets, enabling them to efficiently capture, analyze, and derive insights from portfolio data, including financials, ESG, and valuation information.

With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by private equity clients, Brownloop offers expertise that drives efficiency and generates value for clients. Chronograph has developed next-generation portfolio monitoring, reporting, and diligence tools for institutional limited partners and general partners. This partnership will enable private equity firms to rapidly deploy a comprehensive and integrated platform that seamlessly captures and consolidates portfolio data from various sources, providing real-time visibility into critical metrics and performance indicators.     

“We are excited to partner with Chronograph to deliver an unparalleled solution that meets the complex needs of private equity firms,” said Sushant Kataria, VP, Strategy of Brownloop. “Clients will benefit from enhanced visibility into their portfolio performance, superior AI-led risk management capabilities, and the ability to make informed decisions backed by accurate and up-to-date data.”

Charlie Tafoya, Co-Founder & CEO of Chronograph, added, “Amid ongoing volatility and regulatory pressure, data availability and integrity are more critical than ever. We look forward to our partnership with Brownloop to help institutional investors deploy true enterprise architecture.”     

About Brownloop           

Brownloop is a leading data and AI technology and service provider for Private Equity firms. With its innovative solutions, Brownloop empowers clients to unlock the true value of their data, derive actionable insights, and enhance investment performance.

About Chronograph

Chronograph was founded in 2016 to bring differentiated technology solutions to the private capital market. The firm’s products help institutional limited partners and general partners – including many of the world’s largest private equity and venture capital investors – streamline and automate portfolio monitoring, valuations, analytics, and reporting. The firm is backed by Summit Partners, The Carlyle Group, and Nasdaq, Inc.

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